Secret Wood- Snowy mountains and deep seas in a ring

William Blake once said „Hold infinity in the palm of your hand”. Shooting high, right?  For now we’ll have to settle with a small world within a ring. This is all provided by the Canadian jeweler Secret Wood.


Ring World 05


You thought making snow globes was difficult-  hold on to this! Using fresh pieces of wood and jewelry resin, jeweler puts a unique landscape within a ring. Now, we put an emphasis on unique. Why? Well, the same craftsman cannot make the same ring as a previous. Just think it through… So many details in such a small space… Hell, even if you tried it, you would go nuts. You see, it takes the craftsman some 4 to 5 weeks, tops, to make one ring. Imagine the complexity of it… Not only that. The craftsman also makes smooth, nearly invisible transitions, making it look like the gemstone is emerging from the hoop.


Ring World 01 Ring World 10

Ring World 08


As you can see, motifs range from snowy mountain tops to deep seas. From snowy trees to blooming flowers.  Just like gemstone rings, its surface was cut to allow refractions of the scenes within. Despite being artificial, its surface looks like a surface of a natural crystal.  Also, since it is made out of resin, it gives away pleasant aromas into the air.  Appealing both to eyes and the nose.


Ring World 09

Ring World 07

This Delicate dark Arctic forest ring gives an impression of a forest emerging from the wooden hoop, with an army of will-o’-the-wisps floating around. It might suit some dark, ominous, yet regal-looking character… Probably played by Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.


One ring to rule them all…

But my friends, here is represented but a part of the collection. So, if there’s something that floats your boat, check out the Secret Wood collection of rings.  And if there is that One ring that catches your eye, you might even order it.


Ring World 03


Visual content courtesy of Secret Wood.

Aleksandar Tolić

Aleksandar Tolić

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