Super Cute Animal Hybrids taking over the internet! Katyushka Art Dolls.

Just look at these dark sweet eyes! Deep gaze of these happy snails will sweep you off your feet. Am I right? These interesting fantasy creatures are just a part of bigger, inspirational world. Animal Hybrids you are about to meet are in fact amazing creations of Kasia and Jacek Anyszkiewicz. This couple from Poland combined their artistic skills and technical knowledge to develop something adorable and unforgeable. Without further adieu, I present to you Katyushka Art Dolls, pure inspiration!


Animal Hybrids 7


Other than cool snail like Animal Hybrids they are making captivating little forest turtles. These fantasy creatures combining cutest traits from both reptiles and mammals are an epic win in my book. I can imagine every kid wanting these charming little things as their pet.


Animal Hybrids 10Animal Hybrids 11


Kasia and Jacek take their inspiration mostly from animal kingdom and fantasy movies. Idea is to create new and interesting species that will spark our imagination. These silly Animal Hybrids will set us on a path to a new world of unknown with a desire to explore.


Animal Hybrids 23


Slightly scary, but still benevolent looking spider plays an important role in this world. With his adorable face expression and friendly eyes no wonder people want to give it a hug. Oh, yeah, this is just a baby!


Animal Hybrids 18


We want to create something that everyone would like to have. Something that looks extremely realistic. Cute and creepy at the same time!


Animal Hybrids 14


One of the cutest members of the group must be the Baby Hedgehog! This small animal automatically draws attention with its sweet little smile and paws.


Animal Hybrids 3


Another Fuzzy little Hedgehog. And this one is Albino! How delightful!


Animal Hybrids 4


Taking about Albino. How about Bat? Initially seeing such a creature will render you speechless. But give them a few seconds and they will grow on you. You will even find them mesmerizing.


Animal Hybrids 17Animal Hybrids 13


There are so many ideas that we have for the future. Of course dolls will be our base but also we want to create children books, stop motion short films and donate to charity. Our dolls will be bigger, better and more flexible.


Animal Hybrids 8


I would like to imagine Trolls as a brave protectors of the forest and all of the beautiful creatures. They have a lot of human like traits that make them super interesting.


Animal Hybrids 27Animal Hybrids 26


Funniest creatures are Caterpillars. I can look at Bat+Caterpillar hybrid Batpillar for hours. His facial expression never gets boring!


Animal Hybrids 22Animal Hybrids 28


Animal Hybrids, and living Vegetable Dolls!

We have meet a lot of unbelievable forest creatures. Some were sweet and friendly, some were a bit scary. Others might be creepy and mysterious, but nothing comes close to Vegetable and Fruit dolls. These art pieces are balancing humor and creepiness perfectly! With their human like behavior, and cartoonish appearance I feel like they would be a perfect present for some of your friends. If you are browsing Etsy these dolls are something you should not miss.


Animal Hybrids 21Animal Hybrids 5



Visual content courtesy of Katyushka Art Dolls. You can check out their shop on Etsy.

Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

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