Art and other drugs – 20 great illustrations of drug effects by Brian Pollett

Drugs… Yup! For some reason, this subject always make me recall that Savage garden’s song.  And I can already hear you judging me like: “You know this song is not about drugs? Right? Right?!” I know, I know. But, in this case, could be. So stay put, here is one to-the-moon-and-back story.


Art And Drugs Ether


It is no news that SOME of the artists used drugs as part of an experiment that would altered or improved their work. Drugs would change artists perception, offering them new ways to present subjects they’ve been obsessing about for months, even years. Graphic designer Brian Pollett decided to take this kind of artistic process to another level. He made 20 outstanding illustrations that present influence different drugs had on him. This experiment he named “The Binge project”.


Art And Drugs Batylone

His project Mr.Pollett started with illustrating butylone, also known as bk-MBDB with 10 – 12 hours lasting effects. But, it seems this drug didn’t shine with a full glow for him. Nevertheless, illustration he made for it showed the euphoria caused by this drug with great symbolism.


Art And Drugs Thc


Truth be told, entire project of Mr. Pollett caries beautiful symbols. Tough some of you may disagree, one the most beautiful for me is the illustration of marijuana (T.H.C.). This drug Brian Pollett marked as Day 4 of his project.


Art And Drugs Alcohol


For day 5 of “The Bing project” Pollett used symbols to remind us of his personal role model – late David Bowie. This is an illustration of alcohol effect, but with a positive higlight.On his site PsyBry Pollett referred to Bowie with this words: “Thank you, David Bowie for your years of service and getting us to the next level.
Tonight I drink to you.”

Sadly, not all of the illustrations bring out the light of young Pollett’s life. That was the case with poppers and 25I-NBOMe. Tough in ilustration of 25I-NBOMe dominant colors are light, artist commented that usage of drugs like this are something he would like to never expirience again. My God, poppers is scary!


Art And Drugs Poppers


Art And Drugs 251


Back to light, illustration of MDMA, extasy, “love drug” or whatever you like to call it, showed unique geometry of leting yourself go and getting lost in some sick beat. Come on! Hold me, thrill me, but don’t kill me.


Art And Drugs Mdma


Now, mescaline can really change your percption. Our artist, as well as Carlos Castaneda did, knows that very well. Just look at this bubbles. God bless cactus!


Art And Drugs Mescaline


Drugs, then love from up above

Art And Drugs Love


After 19 seriously psychodelic drugs and states they led him into, Pollett surrendered himself to most addictive compound known to man. L.O.V.E, mix of hormones and organic chemicals, after all those visits to Abaddon, Olympus, Valhalla and 8th dimension, flied Brian back to Earth. It made him “awe at the beauty surrounding us on a daily basis” (PsyBry). And this is the most important message Bing project sent. Contemplate it. Feel it. Peace out!


Visual content courtesy of PsyBry. Keep posted on his latest work at his Facebook page.

Marija Krsmanović

Marija Krsmanović

Hello! My name is Mary - sometimes very merry, others not as much. I am student of Serbian language and literature, writer and poet in attempt. For me, world without art would be boring as hell (you could say I strongly disagree with Plato). So, out of the sphere of visual arts, I will bring you something old, something new, some of it borrowed, maybe even blue and hope you will enjoy it!

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