Nightmares brought to life, Claymation style [18+]

Would you believe me if I told you that piece of clay can scare the living crap out of you? Interested yet? Well, let me explain. These spooky claymation videos are created by talented director, and animator Lee Hardcastle. This stop motion wizard creates one of the kind blood and gore claymations that will haunt your dreams. All with tasteful amount of humor that makes them memorable. And trully inspiring, if I might add. With clever use of amazing characters, and striking scenery this guy will blow your mind! Much like in “DRUG BUST DOODY” video.



Variety of characters he uses in his claymation masterpieces is truly striking. All of the sculptures he creates are iconic and memorable. Facial expressions that these creations have are giving already a scary scene even more character.  Great part of the chilling atmosphere is scenography. Level of detail and time needed to create these pieces is just showing level of dedication needed to create these cool videos.


claymation 2


One of my favorite videos must be “An Alien Claymation”. What starts as benevolent visit from couple of E.T.-s turns out to be a great massacre. There’s a certain level of humor involved in these horror scenes. You are bound to be glued to your screen until the end of this video!



Another funny one is “T is for Toilet”. This superb story about a kid who is scared of using a toilet. Simple, yet brilliant idea. This video becomes a great gore fest as his nightmares turn out to be true.



Claymation for the win!

Next video is great sample of Lee’s commercial work. Video he created for Love Automatic is pure gold. Fast paced story line made this video look like an entire Horror movie. Great song too!



By now, I feel, Lee’s ingenious claymations need no introduction. This time I am leaving you with one of his classics. Enjoy!



caymation lee


After watching these one can only assume that mind of Lee Hardcastle is a briliant one. I can’t wait to see what will he come up with next!


Love you all,



Visual content courtesy of Lee Hardcastle

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