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Hello, sweet teeth! If there is something that, after seven hundred shit we go through every day, can make it all better for a few seconds, it’s a cookie. Just simple cookie with a familiar taste. Now, some you wonderers will think: “What is this fatsy Betsy rambling about? What’s Whizual got to do with cookies?” Well, when cookies are decorated with such an amazing details that you’d almost regret to eat, it is a subject worth of attention.

Feast your eyes on the elegance and charm of Norioko‘s little gingerbread and cocoa perfections. This Japanese mom and cookie enthusiast decorates cookies in some familiar, yet beautifully composed tones.

cookie 1


While decorating she uses flowers and birds molded out of fondant, letters written by food color gel and cake icing. Combined in various themes, this cookie decorations can embellish your day just by looking at them. Little gardens, birds, dresses, seashells and umbrellas reminds us of grandma’s teacups and handkerchiefs and her sweet archaic taste….


cookie 2


Yup, I am totally soaked with pathos, but let’s brake it with some cartoon and animation themed cookies. Minions, Olaf from “Frozen” and even Wonder Woman had found a cookie for themselves in Noriokos baking. The attention and precision they were done with is remarkable (especially portrait of Wonder Woman).


cookie 3


Holiday cookie

So, since Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few steps from our yards, it’s a good time to prepare them a worm welcome. And what is more welcoming than this magical looking food?Snowman, snowflake, Santa and Christmas tree are just waiting to be baked and served and on Noriokos blog you can defiantly find some inspiration for that.


cookie 4

cookie 5

cookie 6


While thinking about holiday sweets most of us picture families all together round dining table, laughing out loud and humming songs. Cookie is always an association for joy. And that joy should be spread. So, when you start your baking and decorating, try to remember those who are choking in holiday depression and god knows what other kind of problem. Send them a few cookies. Yea, I am pathetic again, but who knows. Maybe your kindness will make someone feel better. Be nice!


Happy holidays!


Visual content courtesy of Noriko

Marija Krsmanović

Marija Krsmanović

Hello! My name is Mary - sometimes very merry, others not as much. I am student of Serbian language and literature, writer and poet in attempt. For me, world without art would be boring as hell (you could say I strongly disagree with Plato). So, out of the sphere of visual arts, I will bring you something old, something new, some of it borrowed, maybe even blue and hope you will enjoy it!

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  • Katarina
    December 17, 2015

    Jao jao jao! Njam! Divno!! 🙂 :p

    • Marija Krsmanović
      Marija Krsmanović
      December 18, 2015

      Drago mi je da Vam se dopada! 🙂

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