The dark side of the modern world, shown by Igor Morski

A human- how proud it sounds! A famous quote by Maxim Gorky showing, among other things, the great contradiction that is mankind. In an attempt to create a better modern world,  we constantly risk being blown to kingdom come. While we make our lives easier, to a certain extent, we tend to pay a great price, that could lead to our downfall. We are constantly reminded of it through the illustrations of the Polish artist Igor Morski.


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 01


Ah, commodities of the modern world… All this new technology enabling us to communicate with the entire world, yet making us addicted to it. Every day, you can see people staring at their phones, loosing the human contact. Such a shame. Loosing the humanity within just to get a fatter bank account, get a better car… How low can we go?


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 22

surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 10

surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 23


The morals of the society have gone down the drain, as the only aim in life is the money a.k.a power. Buy, consume, die, is the motto of the modern world. Stuff food down your face till your heart stops. Keep storming always full stores to buy stuff you don’t need with the money you don’t have. This depraved society prays on free-minded people who aren’t afraid to show what they think and feel. Sure, it might be easier to obey their orders… Keep stuffing your feelings down some dark corners of your soul, till the doctors come to remove that malignant tumor.


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 28

surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 27

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In fact, those commodities are only means to an end, distractions. Distractions from the fact that we are being controlled by the upper 1%. You might ask- what is this crap? Think it through, from the childhood we are being taught to listen, obey. Along while projecting some future self to be an even keeled person the society desires. Damn… Humanity dumbed down to a point that just a small portion of society get how badly they are getting screwed.


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 16

surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 18

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Have you forgotten nature in this modern world?

You do remember we basically came from the earth? We are still a part of nature, whether we want it or not.


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 03


Still, no matter how much we strive to run away from the nature, that inner animal still lurks within. Basically, it is the hunter-prey thing. And, this modern world has a plenty of catalysts to bring the beast out.


surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 09

surreal-illustrations-poland-igor-morski-modern-world-art-life-hall-of-fame 14


Visual content courtesy of Igor Morski. Check out his Facebook.



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