DIY Christmas joy with Lia Griffith

Christmas is on its way. Our little countdown is starting. Can  you feel that holiday spirit starting to overwhelm your thoughts? That warm, familiar sensation that you feel when you are crawled up with a warm cup of tea in your hands. Sitting in front of a fireplace with your family. Are you craving for some milk and cookies yet? Well, let me remind you of all the good things to come with some hearth warming holiday DIY art made by Lia Griffith.

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Sometimes, preparing your home for Christmas can be more exciting then the actual holiday. You like to get that great mood going for your friends and family. And most of all, you love to have some fun with it. First on our DIY list is my favorite. Candy Huggers & Paper Packaging for treats. Don’t ask me why. Its obvious. I love candies! These Candy Huggers are just adorable. Simple idea like that is enough to make your kids go crazy about them. If you like to give some candy presents to your friends, these Gingerbread Houses are a perfect choice. Sweet design and some colored twine to tie those treats securely is an absolute joy to see.

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Centerpiece of your home will definitively be the Christmas tree. Decorating it perfectly is going to be essential. Not to mention, its a lot of fun for kids. Lia does that in a very special way, and with much love. She teaches you all sorts of techniques in her tutorials. She is presenting unique ways to create your DIY ornaments for your tree using all sorts of different materials. These are just wonderful.

With wool, and some felt, great things can be created. As presented here, various characters and shapes can be molded together into a perfect ornament design. And you can do it yourself (DIY).

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Great idea for decorating your home during the holiday is DIY print art with lovely messages for your family members to stumble upon around the house.

You can also create great Christmas DIY paper lanterns that will help create magical atmosphere. If you take a look at these, you will feel the magic they bring with their simplicity and shape.

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Creating Christmas Wreath from paper is an excellent idea, and the end result looks stunning.

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However, paper can be used to create more amazing DIY home decorations and ornaments. Much like these houses on snow and Paper-cut Nativity Scene that are drawing you in with their details.

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Maybe most interesting of the bunch are these breath taking animal ornaments made form pine cones and felt. With their details, color, and amazing emotion they bring me straight back to my childhood holiday memories.

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But no mater how old you are, no one can deny that opening presents and cards can be one of the happiest moments during the Christmas. Lia Griffith DIY tutorials showcase another great sample of how your own creativity can help you prepare one of the kind present for your dearest of friends.

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And when the time comes to share a meal, there is always a good mood. Opening nice bottle of wine like this, and presenting your guests with food gifts wrapped so adorably will make them remember this Christmas for a long time.

Try having DIY Christmas in your home!

One thing is certain. No mater how hard you try, and how much time it takes. Every single detail will make an evening with your loved ones that more beautiful.

Check Lia’s DIY website, and get ready to turn your holiday into art!

Love you all,



Visual content courtesy of Lia Griffith.



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