Eurotrip – Epic family adventure trough 41 countries

Open road, trusty motorcycle, endless landscapes and wind blowing in your face. There is no describing that special feeling of freedom when you are on the open road. It’s even better if you can share that with your family. And make cool life photography for entire world to enjoy. Why, that’s a brilliant idea! That is exactly what Mihai Barbu , photographer from Romania did. With resolution in his hearth, and camera in his backpack he was ready for the Eurotrip. He decided to take his wife and four year old son to an epic adventure trough 41 European countries, traveling over 18000 miles.


eurotrip 7


This awesome 2014 Ural Ranger sidecar that made this Eurotrip run smoothly looks great. And, yes, they call it Zair. And here bellow is very cool photo of Vladimir, Mihai’s son, having a swim in Austrian lake.


eurotrip 2


It seams that they enjoyed quite a few bush-craft meals along the way. I can not imagine a better way to start a day.


eurotrip 3eurotrip 4


Ferry rides might be a coolest way to rest a while and stretch your legs while you wait to get from Estonia to Finland.


eurotrip 5


And there is so much to look forward to, as Finland is beautiful.


eurotrip 6eurotrip 8


Next stop, Norway! A lot of family love on Lofoten Islands!


eurotrip 9


One shot at Atlantic Road in Norway. Possibly one of the most interesting roads to ride on.


eurotrip 10eurotrip 11


Relaxing and breakfast in mesmerizing planes of England.


eurotrip 12


Meeting new friends on a road is a must. No, they don’t have to be human. By the way, this is Ireland.


eurotrip 13eurotrip 14


I remember camping as a little boy, and it is one of most memorable things from my childhood. Vladimir must have been excited to camp. In France, no less!


eurotrip 15


Family time in Portugal was colorful.


eurotrip 16eurotrip 17


Some amazing landscapes in Spain. Weather seams to be perfect for a bike ride.


eurotrip 18eurotrip 19eurotrip 20eurotrip 21


Magical Morocco, and camel back riding through Sahara desert. These photos are some of my favorites.


eurotrip 22eurotrip 23eurotrip 24eurotrip 25eurotrip 26eurotrip 40eurotrip 27eurotrip 28


Landscapes in Monaco.


eurotrip 29


Cat curiosity in Italy.


eurotrip 30eurotrip 31


Montenegro and Croatia’s beautiful nature.


eurotrip 32eurotrip 33eurotrip 34eurotrip 35


Resting and some good times in Greece.


eurotrip 36eurotrip 38


Eurotrip memories

Mihai is putting his last sticker on. This must have been a great feeling for all of them. What an adventure. Just look at the map of this Eurotrip.


eurotrip 39eurotrip 37


I don’t know about you guys, but my New Year resolution is to travel more.


Love you all,



Visual content courtesy of Mihai Barbu

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  • Duxony
    January 15, 2016

    This is real life.

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