Kickstarter spotlight: Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle by Don Moyer

Is your brain bored with simple crossword puzzles? Would you like to take on a challenge that you will actually enjoy? Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle is not just interesting to solve, it a real peace of art as well. Graphic designer Don Moyer (earlier) created this stunning 750+ piece puzzle. Once you put the Evil Twins puzzle together, it will measure 18″ x 24″. Challenging, but not so exasperating that you will have to be institutionalized. You can help this amazing project realization by supporting it on Kickstarter today!

Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle Don Moyer graphic design product kickstarter


I designed the EVIL TWINS puzzle to give you abundant colors, beguiling details, and mild mystery. I hope you enjoy the extra challenge and delight of finding the twins. Some are easy, some hard.


Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle Don Moyer graphic design product kickstarter


I love to draw. My sketchbooks are filled with the faces I see. This puzzle is a collection of about 300 faces including some twins, clones, look-alikes, and doppelgängers. So you and your friends can enjoy the challenge of assembling the puzzle as well as the challenge of finding evil twins.


Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle Don Moyer graphic design product kickstarter



Evil Twins Jigsaw Puzzle on Kickstarter

If you would like to own your own Evil Twins jigsaw puzzle there is still time to preorder it by supporting Don’s Kickstarter project. But fun does not end there. A mysterious, 100-piece bonus puzzle is included in each box. You can use it as a warm-up problem or as “dessert” when you finish the big puzzle and are still hungry for more challenge.



Visual content courtesy of Don Moyer.

Finally, to check more of Dan’s art you can check his Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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