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Ever since I was a kid i remember collecting glass bottles, and all sorts of glass vials that I could find. I enjoyed playing with them. Creating different color liquids. Experimenting with household items and spices in creating “Deadly Experiments”. I was a weird kid, I know that much! But how glassblowing comes into the picture, you might ask. Well, what I am about to show you sums up every possible fantasy you can think of when it comes to glass. And then some!

Glassblowing Art you see before you is created by Kiva Ford. This glass artist from Virginia is known for creating both glass instruments for actual scientific purposes as well as amazing art inspired by his day job. This inspiration helped him creating absolutely enchanting apparatus series called Metamorphosis.


Glassblowing sculpture 13


His Glassblowing techniques really come to light in these pieces. These metaphorical glass sculptures showcase Kiva’s ingenuity in creating something new and fresh. Chemical apparatus setup that is representing natural sequence of metamorphosis will blow your mind.


Glassblowing sculpture 11


First piece showcases metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly. Second installation, on the other hand, focuses on process of eggs forming in to a full grown frog. Level of detail in this artwork is breathtaking. Every tiny detail fully created from glass.


Glassblowing sculpture 12

Other than Metamorphosis series Kiva Ford’s great signature piece is glass  sculpture within a sculpture. This recurring theme can be seen in multiple pieces. With its simplistic composition and symmetrical patterns these sculptures will grab your attention. However, these glass pieces are far from simple. If you take a closer look you will see the level of detail that will inspire you to explore the piece in depth. Exquisite skill of glassblowing techniques I must say.


Glassblowing sculpture 8Glassblowing sculpture 10


Maybe most interesting glass sculptures by Kiva for me are the ones with animals inside of them. These mystical and timeless pieces will make you feel like time has stopped in one single moment of time. Just for you to see it.


Glassblowing sculpture 2Glassblowing sculpture 7


There are always more abstract pieces that you will enjoy. Finding secret meaning and symbolism behind these sculptures will keep you occupied for some time. Stunning beauty in form and style combined with perfect symmetry, contrast and layering makes these pieces unique int their own way. Good job to you sir!


Glassblowing sculpture 6Glassblowing sculpture 5Glassblowing sculpture 4Glassblowing sculpture 3


Last but definitive not least are the glass cups. Ahh, yes! The cups have been known throughout the history as pieces of admiration for their intricate design. Kiva’s creativity reaches new level with glass cups. Perfect design and great craftsmanship collide creating these unique products.


Glassblowing glasses 1Glassblowing glasses detail


Sculpture within a sculpture theme recurring in these pieces again. What’s not to love here. I would love to see these mass produced one day!


Glassblowing glasses 2Glassblowing glasses detail 2


Glassblowing Art Pieces that you can own, like today!

I am sure you are all in love by Kiva’s charming glass art by now. Initial thoughts I had about some of these pieces were: “I want to have this in my studio”. Luckily that is not just a pipe dream. Great news is that Kiva Ford has a shop where you can find some of finest glass miniatures you have ever seen. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, I don’t know what will! Just look at them! How adorable!


Glassblowing mini


Visual content courtesy of Kiva Ford. You can check his shop on Etsy.

Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

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  • Alexandria Martinez
    August 12, 2017

    Glass blowing is such a cool art form! I had never heard of Kiva Ford before reading this post and I’m glad I ended up reading it. Personally, I think glass blowing is gorgeous.

    • Igor Stanković
      Igor Stanković
      July 24, 2018

      Hello Alexandria,
      and thank you for your comment. I agree, I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog. I will continue writing it after a long brake, so keep on reading:)

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