God’s broken toys or building blocks of stars?

Have you ever thought that you are too awesome? You could be some fancy-pansy artist and your ego keeps telling you how great your art is. Or maybe you are a cook and you pat yourself on the back every time you make a great dish. Could be you are some artisan who makes vintage objects and you think you are just darn good at making pretty shiny stuff. Heck, maybe you are some big-shot politician who thinks their words are made of chocolate and that everyone needs to lick what you speak. After all, humans are masters of the universe. Huh, wrong! We are small flakes of dust on a pebble in the ocean. We think that what we make is huge with profound meanings and beauty, but Universe already beat us to the punch. I ain’t saying we are not god damn awesome, I am saying it’s hard to match the glory of the Cosmos. Just one look at the stars is needed to take your breath away.


This here is nebula with imaginative name of M1-67. Or how I like to call it, Hot and Sexy Gates of Hell. In astronomical terms she is just a preteen, only 10.000 years old. Humans were throwing spears at each other’s when she was born. That sparkling star in the middle is Hen 2-427, which is one of those super-hot stars. It’s like a gemstone in God’s tiara.


And this would be Lagoon Nebula. You can just marvel at this huge area of space with cute and calm name. But there are just so much winds of churning gas in there, it’s mind-blowing. Entire stars are formed from them. That is some colossal weather. Maybe some of you don’t understand how big that is, but you have to trust me on that. It’s big. As a matter of fact mind just can’t comprehend it.


If you thought Lagoon Nebula was some kind of nursery for stars, then Orion nebula is that twice over. It’s “just” 1.500 light-years away, close by. And it’s just full of baby stars waiting to be born. And we can see it with only 1.500 years of delay. That’s how huge space is. Fastest thing in the Universe, light, needs one and half millennia to show us this breathtaking picture.


Stars gaze at Orion once again in all of its glory

I ask you now, dear reader, can we challenge Universe in beauty contest with our creations? I say it’s our duty to do so. Cosmos is there to inspire us, to give us hope, to dazzle us with its magnificent. Maybe we will fall short in our tries. Maybe we will never reach glory of nebulae and its marvels splendor. Maybe it’s impossible to even come close. But did impossible ever stopped us to shoot for the stars?


Visual content acquired from NASA.


Ivan Gocić

Ivan Gocić

My name is Ivan Gocić, creative writter from Serbia. I am passionate about writing, technology, art and renaissance weapons. I am currently writing a book about space wizards, and in my spare time I like sharing some of my thoughts on fun subjects. And yeah, I’m a cynic.

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  • Azrael Power first
    November 7, 2015

    this text is very interesting. I was reading similar text before couple years. Greeting of Azrael.

    • Ivan Gocić
      November 8, 2015

      I am glad you liked it. Could you remember where you read that similar text? I would like to check it out and see who has similar tastes as me.

  • Igor
    November 8, 2015

    Hi, Azrael. Nice to have you reading our posts. We will be covering wide variety of topics, and giving our own twist and opinions on the stories, as well as some cool interviews with some amazing people along the way:)..If you have any suggestions, please let us know:)..Thanks:)

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