Grasslamp: Bring the green in!

Our great world revolves around brilliant ideas. Our imagination is catalyst for the future. Products and technology are just idea + time. More, and more people are starting to realize that these days. We are one step closer to singularity each day. Modern life is constant shock and awe, and every new achievement is inspiring and mind-blowing. Serbian Industrial designer and visionary Marko Vučković is such a person, and his creation, Grasslamp is purely impressive!


grasslamp 9


This modern desktop garden, better known as Grasslamp, is one of the kind concept that represents a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design. It creates an atmosphere of elegance and comfort in any room, public or work space. Let us take a closer look at this profound concept, and see how it works.


grasslamp 6


With minimalist and clean look, perfect size and ingenious idea behind it, most of us will agree that this product would bring any interior space to life. Grasslamp lets you grow various kinds of micro-greens, plants that do not require soil to grow on. Its construction is made of fully recyclable plastic and with energy saving LED light. Trully inspiring work by Marko Vučković and his team.


grasslamp 2


This Zen oasis of your interior space is also very easy to maintain. Grasslamp can be populated with edible plants. Some of them being great for your cat as well, which makes it very useful and interesting.


grasslamp cat


Other than being super creative, this lamp is fully portable. Its modern design allows it to be part of any space. Being in an office, bedroom, or dining area, this lamp is taking the show. Great centerpiece for your table, and great conversation starter. Introducing green color and natural materials in your living environment is known to alleviate stress, and blood pressure. Not to mention that it is a great boost in creative thinking.


grasslamp 8


Grasslamp on Kickstarter

On November 23, 2015, Grasslamp announced  the launch of their crowdfundng campaign via Kickstarter. The company has set out to raise $50,000 to finish production and development of the first, desktop concept lamp. The amzaing thing is that this company is just starting their journey in creating series of these extraordinary products. They are passionate about the minimalist approach in industrial design. With their dedication to create extraordinary designs, we can only expect the highest quality products.


grasslamp 10


Marko Vučković, during our brief talk, said:

This is just the beginning of what I have to offer to the world trough my industrial design!

These words are very exciting to hear. One can only wonder what will be his next creation.


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Visual content courtesy of Marko Vučković

Check Grasslamp Kickstarter campaign, and back their amazing project!


Igor Stanković

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    December 17, 2015


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      Igor Stanković
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      Glad you liked it Niké. Please, feel free to subscribe for more awesome articles. Also check Marko’s website for more about his work.


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