Illustration on social media: Dig up her Bones… Zombijana Bones

Meet Andrijana Vešović a.k.a. Zombijana Bones, young illustrator and master of not giving a shit… Yeah! But, seriously, this talented Montenegrin will make you giggle on daily basis. First thing you need to know about her is that she hates green tea (understandable). Secondly, and of utmost importance, she creates at least three wonderful drawings per day using ink and paper.

It’s great when you have possibility to express somehow what you are thinking about. I choose drawing because that is the way to show it exactly as it looks like”, says Andrijana.

And how did Andrijana become Zombijana?

I died one day and that’s how Zombijana was born”, answers witty Andrijana. 


And, as you can see, that morbid wittiness is main ingredient of each and every illustration she creates. Yes, her illustrations are something else. Though she respects a lot of people from illustration world, she is nurturing a unique style. In that dark aesthetic her drawings range from pretty to grotesque, always with ironic note.  That irony of hers is most obvious when illustrating silly statements on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Actually, illustrating tweets is how she got attention of wider audience.

I started drawing tweets of Serbs and Montenegrins because no one else did”, says Miss Bones. 


After Twitter, Zombijana expended her artwork on Facebook and Instagram.  Which brings us to choice of themes for her drawings and that choice is pretty random. It’s brought down to what inspires her at the moment. Even so, you can see that most of those themes are concerned certain types of people she meets, types of people we all might have met once. While doing what she is doing, intentionally or not, Zombijana creates a portraits of Serbs and Montenegrins that should make us think about ways we try to get attention. Regarding this on her Facebook page you can find hilarious illustrations under titles like “Some girls” (Neke đevojke), “Some guys”(Neki momci), “How to go to shows alone”, “Who can be a doctor when you have skin problems?” (Ko je sve doktor kad imaš problematičnu kožu) etc.


Some girls love to show some bones.

Some guys love their beard.


When asked about the message she is sending trough her work, Zombijana said:

Everyone has right to see it as they want, it’s enough that I know the message. Few years back I was trying to explain. Now I don’t want to. 

However you see it, her talent is indisputable and it’s not limited to illustrations alone. Since last year she is working with Marko Marjanović and Nikola Silić on animated TV show “Sledeće stajalište“(Next stop), as well as project “#Crtkamo” (#Scribbling) that includes other illustrators. So check it out and enjoy in this obscure, goofy and beautiful illustrations!



Visual content courtesy of Zombijana Bones.

Marija Krsmanović

Marija Krsmanović

Hello! My name is Mary - sometimes very merry, others not as much. I am student of Serbian language and literature, writer and poet in attempt. For me, world without art would be boring as hell (you could say I strongly disagree with Plato). So, out of the sphere of visual arts, I will bring you something old, something new, some of it borrowed, maybe even blue and hope you will enjoy it!

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