Light, shattering fear and bringing hope.

In the world that likes nothing more than reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and maybe fatty foods, I find really remarkable concepts from time to time. I know, I know, not very cynical coming from me and almost hopeful. But hey, I say it how I see it. In a long standing tradition of visual arts photography was being dismissed as banal, too easy, a gimmick, not an art and so on. For such a clever and creative people artists can be such an elitist jerks some times. But, who can blame them, they bring light to this world. And while we are on the subject. I stumbled at interesting type of photography a while back. It’s called light painting. Let me just show you.


light 2


This is light painting. Or sometimes called light drawing. I know what you are thinking. “Not very impressive, I seen better Photoshop’s in a middle school kid’s homework.”- Or some such. But this is not an edited photo, at least not in a way modern pictures are edited. It’s photographic technique actually. The trick is simple. You move a portable light source while taking a long exposure photograph. Illuminating a subject or shining a point of light directly at the camera whiling doing so. And in the end you get such a dazzling result.


light 3


Well there are more different kinds of light painting but the idea is the same. Create wonderful works of art by using light as medium. Idea is remarkable and end product awe inspiring. If you are in to such a thing, that is. But you kept reading so far so I am guessing you are. You could even move camera during exposure, which could work too. Or take long time lapse photo blurring the lights. Like so.


light 4


It has huge amount of potential. Only limit is your imagination. And technique has been used since forever. Well, since invention of photography obviously, but that doesn’t sound so cool. Stop being such a buzzkill.


light 5light 6light 7light 8light 9


Light instead of paint, what will they think of next?

Who knows? And it’s such easy thing to learn everyone could do it. With a little bit of practice and a little time playing with your camera, some sweet light paintings could be hanging in your room. And they would look even better since you did them yourself. Try it out, experiment, be creative. Bring light back to your world. You don’t need to be part of elite club called artists. Everyone is an artist waiting to happen, you just need to make that first step.


Visual content acquired at Wikimedia.

Ivan Gocić

Ivan Gocić

My name is Ivan Gocić, creative writter from Serbia. I am passionate about writing, technology, art and renaissance weapons. I am currently writing a book about space wizards, and in my spare time I like sharing some of my thoughts on fun subjects. And yeah, I’m a cynic.

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