Magic Mushrooms lamps – Getting high on Art!

We all love nature. It is etched in our brain. Although we live in huge cities now, and are used to cold concrete, there is a bug in our head. Burrowing its way trough our thoughts. Reminding us of how primitive we still are. How close to the Earth we need to be. Our progress in technology department is super fast. And don’t get me wrong, I think that’s fantastic. There would not be this website if we haven’t came so far. However, you must admit that all new stuff can be overwhelming for our fragile human psyche. Most of us need to refill our batteries. Go out to nature from time to time. Spend time with our fuckin’ dog. Anything that works. Some say that Magic Mushrooms can bring the nature right in your living room. Many say that I should try them. And I will, believe me. Wise-guy that I am, I have found artsy solution for now. Magic Mushrooms that I am talking about are actually mushroom lamps. Yeah, you heard me! Project called Great Mushrooming is what I am talking about. How about that for bringing nature to your home! Follow me, and let us take a look!


1 mushroom2 mushroom


These beautiful sculptures are a great example of ingenuity and inspiration from the nature. Most of the materials used in creating these pieces are found in our natural surroundings. Mushroom sculptures are well balanced with natural elements. This creates realistic and eye catching piece. I can easily see these lamps brightening any space with their unique and timeless design.


3 mushroom4 mushroom



Clearly visible On and Off switch on some of the pieces might bother some. I find it very charming and interesting. Maybe even humorous giving the “Alice in Wonderland” vibe to this sculpture.


9 mushroom5 mushroom

11 mushroom


With LED lights built in, and color contrast these little lights really pop on these pieces.


6 mushroom8 mushroom
10 mushroom12 mushroom13 mushroom14 mushroom15 mushroom16 mushroom19 mushroom21 mushroom


Magic Mushrooms winning over the hearths of men!

Getting high on Magic Mashrooms now got a new, artistic dimension. I hope these interesting art pieces will make you go out in nature some more, and get inspired by marvelous visions from the nature. If you catch my drift 😉


22 mushroom20 mushroom


Images acquired at inhabitat. Keep posted about these amazing creations by following the Great Mushrooming project.

Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

Hi, my name is Igor. I am a freelance designer and founder of Vector Alchemist and Whizual blog. Being passionate about art and aesthetics, and interested in variety of different topics I thought that I should share some of my insights and hopefully inspire some people in their creative thinking.

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