Minimalism at its best – Mini Metro Maps by Peter Dovak

Not all of you might like public transportation, but no one can deny that evolution of transit plays a great role in shaping the city landscapes. Peter Dovak, designer from Washington, DC, and a lifelong transit nerd started an ongoing series of tiny diagrams of metro maps. This fascinating assortment of reducted minimalist maps contains over 200 light rail and metro systems. And Peter’s work had just begun, as he intends to do expand his collection even more.

A few times a year, I intend to update the Mini Metros project to reflect changes around the world. This first update includes major new line openings and extensions between when the project was first finished in September and the end of 2016. If I missed anything, please let me know so I can update this list accordingly.

Metro Maps Peter Dovak graphic design mini


I am learning graphic design in my spare time, and I’m practicing getting better through these projects. I love public transportation, so that’s what I end up making! My passion for transit is probably my main source of inspiration. For this project, I was going to make a phone app, and one of the icons I made was a simplified map of our local metro system. I thought it looked cool, so I made more. It is interesting to see such complex systems in a small form, and trying to retain its recognizability.


Metro Maps Peter Dovak graphic design mini


Metro Maps

“I’m always working on something, but I can’t say quite yet what my next project will be!” How exciting! I guess we, the transit admirers, will just have to wait and see what Peter comes up with next. But for now you can feast your eyes on his designs on Twitter, Instagram, Dribble, Behance, Linkedin. To buy some of these fine prints visit Peter’s society6Finally, I would love you to share some thoughts on these transit oriented designs in the comment section bellow.



Visual content courtesy of Peter Dovak.

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