Model train ride you will not forget!

What if I told you that this landscape is not real? Would you believe me? Whell, this lushious landscape is in fact an amazing railroad model! Wait, what?! Yeah, you bet! These hyper realistic model railroads are a dream come true for every train enthusiast out there.

Ok, grab a cup of coffee. Let me take you trough amazing work of Joe Rasch. It is going to be one smooth ride!

– – –

After leaving phenomenal Tidewater Junction we are now heading towards Blue Ridge model. Level of detail included in this piece is mind blowing. Just imagine that train engine starting, wheels squealing. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

– – –

Another great example of ingenious modeling skills presented before you here is N scale Great Northern layout. This model railroad with its layers, and hidden details will occupy your attention for hours. Bridges and junctions with infinity shaped tracks, and that loop! This will definitively make you follow two trains running on it without blinking.

– – –

Next stop, Hoffer Harbor N Scale model train layout. With an Eastern Seaboad harbor theme featuring a car floot and switching options on two levels of mainline. One can only say that this model is unbelievable. Details will make you scratch your head, and when you see those trains pass at slow speed with scraping and squeaking of wheels on track you will feel goosebumps.

– – –

Why don’t we take a breather and enjoy some scenery.

– – –

Ready for more model wonders?

Lean back into your comfy seat. Take a sip of coffee, we are moving on. Train passes over Wyoming Junction model track points with wheel clacks and rumble. Rustic colors and eclectic style will take you home wherever you are from. With a presence of nostalgia, we are passing along abandoned houses and moving on to our final destination.

– – –

This small industrial town model remind me so much of my own hometown. Small stores. Cars passing by. Even the everyones favorite bar. Feels so good getting back home.

With train finally stopping, unusual feeling passes trough your head. All of the passengers are putting on their hats, taking out their luggage, and leaving in rush to continue with their lives. On the other hand, you want to take another ride. Where will the train take you this time?

I enjoyed every single detail along the way. How about you?


Love you all,



Visual content courtesy of Rasch Studios.

Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

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