Peel the layers of your subconsciousness with Neo-Symbolism art of Yuri Kabisher

Many of us feel that modern day society needs to change. Some sort of wakeup call would be in order. Wouldn’t you agree? However, every great change needs to come from within. Yuri Kabisher created surreal series of incredible Neo-Symbolism paintings to spark that thought exactly. Only way this would happen is by comprehending the meticulous structure of our mind. Yuri does this by combining the potential multi-layered perception of a man with the daily life within contemporary human society. Images such are these can start a certain thought process inside your brain that will affect you on subconscious level. Yuri’s art is created with the intent of expanding the boundaries of your consciousness.


Neo-Symbolism Yuri Kabisher art design painting artwork surrealism


Actually I don’t love to verbalize my work. I’m always naively thinking that art works can talk for themselves, but anyhow I must give some hints to the viewer.


Neo-Symbolism Yuri Kabisher art design painting artwork surrealism


Art process reminds a trip, the skills allow moving forward and you never know what awaits you behind next corner. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s always passionate and after all the passion determines your way of life. Also thoughtful process of art allows to understand and to change (if needed) your own world outlook, your own mechanics and ways of behavior. Understanding of all useful implication of an Art process is in itself a great inspiration.


Neo-Symbolism Yuri Kabisher art design painting artwork surrealism


I’m learning and developing different attitude to art all my life. It gives a freedom not to be attached to some specific technique. I don’t feel that there was any beginning and I’m not sure there will be any end. I’m always inside the process.


Neo-Symbolism Yuri Kabisher art design painting artwork surrealism


I don’t have a habit to think too much about the future – it’s boring, whatever will be, will be. I’m still here – living and working.


Neo-Symbolism Yuri Kabisher art design painting artwork surrealism


Inspiring Neo-Symbolism!

Wise words from an experienced artist can really affect the way you perceive art. Channeling your passion and knowledge into your work can be a game changer no matter what line of work you are in. To check out more of Yuri’s immersive paintings, and check out his daily activity follow him on Facebook. Finally, I would like to invite you to share your thoughts on Yuri’s work in the comment section bellow.



Visual content courtesy of Yuri Kabisher.

Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

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