Photography Spotlight: Soul searching Quest of Djordje Vukadinovic

The photo you see above is Andromeda galaxy. This is the starting point of our journey trough Djordje Vukadinovic’s inspired and prodigious work. He got interested in photography trough his hobby, astronomy. In 2008 he started gathering the necessary equipment and aquiring the knowledge that lounched him into space trough his amazing performance photographing and observing heavenly bodies.

Later on Djordje expanded his knowledge within the Photo club FKK ČAČAK, and his photography perspective came down to Earth preserving the long exposure techniques.

I was very much drawn to esthetics of minimalism and work of masters of photography as Michael Kenna. That is how „Solitude” series formed.

His Photography quest continued here on Earth focusing on landscapes. Minimalist approach and focus on details were the things he was interested in. They brought a lot words of praise from his colleagues. He is now one step closer to revealing the secret.


– Part of the “Solitude” series


Besides minimalist and almost meditatively slow photography, I am also drawn by Life Photography.

As his taste evolved, his path led him to civilization. He began exploring those magnificent creatures known as „Modern man“ and recognized the beauty in everyday activities people were engaged to. He observed their habits, and gave himself a task to make their curious activities timeless, frozen in a single moment of time, trapped forever in one press of a button. He was on to something there. Is it possible that he is reaching his goal?


– Life Photography by Djordje


Lastly, he started working on portraits. He wanted to preserve the souls of humans one by one in his beautifly created pieces of art. Now, there is only one thing left to do. He needs to make a self portrait, and look himself in his eyes, finding an answer to his questions, ending his journey.

After that long gaze, he realizes, as we all do eventually: we are here to have one heck of a ride, and this was just the first lap. Time to do it all over again. Buckle up. This time its going to be even better.


– Djordje Vukadinovic’s self portrait


Photography Achiever

Djordje’s photographs participated on many of international exhibitions (Turkey, France, Germany, England, Slovenia, Spain, Belgium…), getting awarded multiple times. He is a member of international association of Photographers (FIAP). He has the title of an artist of Fiap (AFIAP). If that’s not enough, he is also magnificent person and a great friend.


Love you all,



Visual content courtesy of Djordje Vukadinovic


Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

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