Restoration of a 200 year old gun revealed a surprising secret!

As we all know, Restoration is very time consuming and detail oriented procedure. It plays important role in interpreting our past. Retelling our history in a new, interesting way. Old artifacts can answer some questions. Some can explain behavior or customs of our ancestors. Others can inspire inventors and artist of our time. What you see before you will definitively inspire you. It will make you rethink the time you invest in your creations.


restoration 2


This magnificent pistol is built by world renown clockmaker Frères Rochat. It is estimated to be around 200 years old. This beautiful piece of art is now been fully restored by Parmigiani Fleurier, one of the most prestigious Swiss Haute Horlogerie brands.


restoration 3


This mechanical marvel of the past is a living testament of the skillful craftsmanship of that period. With its golden elements, and jewel covered details this piece is purely impressive. Level of details in its design will make you want to look at it for hours.


restoration 4restoration 5restoration 6


Restoration of this piece was far from an easy job. Over the years couple of Restoration attempts nearly ruined the mechanism of this piece. However great efforts were made by Parmigiani Fleurier to fully recover this mechanism. And the end result is jaw-dropping.


restoration 7restoration 8


Secret this mechanism reveals is a small singing bird that gets out of the barrel of the gun. This is actually not that unusual if you are familiar with work of Frères Rochat. This type of singing birds are signature piece of brothers Rochat. This beautify crafted bird that sings while doing her dance is unique artwork. It shows complexity and high level of skill needed to complete the project like this. While restoring this gun every piece was computer generated to accurately simulate the process.


restoration 9restoration 10


Restoration brings the past right on your doorstep

Success story like this is truly inspirational. Work in the field of art and technology that we do today needs inspirational pieces from the past. Old ideas like this one helped create many amazing things we take for granted today. Next time you use a fork, or a bottle opener, you might want to find out where they originate from. Take the hints from the past to create something new. Well, who knows, maybe sometime in the future someone will take inspiration from what we do now. Interesting topic to think about.


The Pistol and its Songbird from Parmigiani Fleurier on Vimeo.


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Visual content acquired  at Parmigiani Fleurier. Screenshots are taken from the video.

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