Rish Shoes occupying Belgrade

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Wealthy history of a family business brought back to life by two amazing girls and their unbelievable creativity is starting to make a huge difference in how people see shoes. Rish is a Serbian fashion brand originated in 1952. Rish shoes are fashionable items created by Ristić family, in which the craft and talent passed down from generation to generation until it reached the “new kids” Aleksandra (22), Nataša (25) .They decided that family brand should make a big comeback. On their initiative Rish started producing unique, extravagant, fashion shoes which tends to occupy a high position in the local fashion scene.



Rish shoes are handmade and detail oriented. Designers like to play with shapes and colors so there are many models fashion lovers can choose: monochrome, animal print, pink, colorful, combination of leather and rivets and so on. Each customer has the option, in addition to the exposed models, to create its own combination of colors for the exterior and interior of the shoes on the spot with the help of exposed specimens, and to choose the type of sole, but all in accordance with the offer and within Rish design.



*Talking with the sisters there was that inevitable question , where did the inspiration , for their design, came from to guide them in that direction in which they are decided and what has prevailed that their footwear is not your, every day footwear that you can grab on every corner ,with such a diverse range of colors in the selection ?

Because our parents always engaged in the production of shoes, two of us grew up among shoes, molds, leather, machinery and other necessary materials. Hence our interest and love that we have for shoes is completely natural. We wanted to create shoes that would be suited to our sensibilities in the field of color, form, texture.
– Aleksandra


Aleksandra-left, Nataša-right


*Every time I’m at your store or browsing thru your pictures I see different materials. How do you get the material for your shoes and how do they get that urban look, not typical for this area?

As for the materials, they come in different ways, but we aim to constantly replenish our choices.
– Aleksandra



*What kind of shoe delicacies can we expect from your magic factory in the coming months?

Well the plan is set for a new collection to emerge that will be something completely new, but it is a surprise.
– Aleksandra



Rish shoes – My spice

“One can only say that these girls and their shoes are not something you can find on every corner of the streets of Belgrade, and that they represent something special for someone special. Craft, layout, colors, retro style, urban style, classic style, and no matter for what occasion you need it, being a gift, for a wedding, for that moment when you buy a pair of shoes and you want just to admire them, these girls can do it .I already enjoy the magic that these girls evicted from their workshop, and you?




images from Obuća Rish Facebookristicshoesrish Instagram



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