Mind altering Stormchasing portraits by Von Wong

Whenever I hear Stormchasing and photography in the same sentence it automatically grabs my attention. That happened with this story as well. Everything started like an ordinary adventure. Couple of people looking for some fun. However, I realized quickly that this project was far from the ordinary. As the matter of fact, it is quite entertaining and inspiring. Not to mention an amazing message and brilliant photography behind it. Let us dive right in the eye of the storm and join our adventurers in their stormchasing experience.


Stormchasing 6


Small group of friends and fans of Von Wong accompanied by professional stormchaser Kelly DeLay set sails. Or rather quirky ambulance truck. Adventure begins as our heroes follow the storm across the planes of USA. Their mission is to take mesmerizing portraits of everyday people in not so common setting. This is where storm comes into play. I assume you figured that out by now.


Stormchasing 1


Time was of the essence. They had only minutes to prepare for the shoot before storm overtakes the land. But it’s totally worth it. This stormchasing portrait looks fascinating.


wear stormchasing no text


And this is how it looks after adding the message and finalizing the design for Cowspiracy. Minimal design, clear message, and amazing photography by Von Wong are just perfect way to send a message of importance.


Wear stormchasing


Here are some more fantastic photographs created on that trip. There is something about bringing everyday situations in this kind of environment. People are generally scared of storm-like events. Our instincts usually tell us “Go now, and hide!”. Putting a man in a situation like on the image bellow makes you question things. How much we neglect the situation and focus on our own life. This images clearly show that if you disregard the situation now, it will be much worse in the future.


DayJob stormchasing

LevelUp stormshasing


Vacation stormchasing


Stormchasing success

After viewing this delightful images from Von Wong’s stormchasing project, one can only stay in awe and absolute amazement. I would call this project an absolute success. No question about it. After spending only seconds viewing these images you will get the message. Climate change is serious issue we are all facing. Razing awareness about the topic like this is our duty. So please, read more about this unforgeable journey on their website. Also get yourself familiar with climate change problems by checking Cowspiracy website. As for me, I will be wondering what will Von Wong create next time?!


stormchasing hero


Love you all,



Visual content acquired from vonwong.com


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