In future we live – Modern Architecture pieces that could be your home!

It’s time to talk about some grown-up stuff… Modern Architecture, to be precise! You’ll finish school, work hard trough your twenties and than, somewhere in your thirties, you’ll start building home. I mean, most of us do. Modern times reqires modern people that live in modern houses. And what does modern house look like?


Modern Architecture 2


Various geometric shapes and usage of eco-friendly materials on these houses give you that exalting feeling of beeing right here right now. You know… Like, future is already here!


Modern Architecture 3


Now, architecture of 21st century does not reply to everyones taste. More sentimental souls will find it cold and unwelcoming. These will turn to architectural designs we left behind, keeping that way part world that is slowly fading.


Modern Architecture 4


Some will merge old and new by renovating. That way avoiding “Ex-machina” vibe Modern Arhitecture sometimes brings.


Modern Architecture 5


So, to create the house just like you imagined, you do need an architect. Architect that belives that everyone deserves an Architect. And that could be Jesse Hager and his team from CONTENT Architecture. This group of people create modern and interesting architecture within their clients spacial and budgetary needs, guiding them trough entire design process. In their work dominate that geometry characteristic for nowadays, yet every house has some interesting details.

For example, for  Casa Lobo they used well designed metal building components. “The single level house is lifted off the site to accommodate the owner’s hobby as a mechanic below while gaining privacy for living above.”


Modern Architecture 6


“The Bayou Residence is a renovation to a significant architectural work originally completed by Frank Welch in 1972. “


Modern Architecture 7Modern Architecture 8Modern Architecture 9


“The Kipling house is designed for a family of five, it allows for generous open family zones oriented to large glass walls facing the street and courtyard pool.”


Modern Architecture 10


Modern Architecture – what makes it home!

Modern Architecture 11


Geometric exterior is usualy folowed by interior where similar shapes dominate. Of course, if your designer is good there will be furniture that will manage to brake this shapes.


Modern Architecture 12


And, after all of that work is done, you’ll bring the details that will make it feel like home… But, is that enough for it to become home?  Truth is, you can live in masterpeace of Modern Architecture and feel like you’re in prison. It’s a cliché, but like most cliches, it is true that house is called home cause of the people you live with.


Visual content courtesy of CONTENT architecture


Marija Krsmanović

Marija Krsmanović

Hello! My name is Mary - sometimes very merry, others not as much. I am student of Serbian language and literature, writer and poet in attempt. For me, world without art would be boring as hell (you could say I strongly disagree with Plato). So, out of the sphere of visual arts, I will bring you something old, something new, some of it borrowed, maybe even blue and hope you will enjoy it!

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