Whizual blog, what is it all about?!

Hello all. My name is Igor, and I am 26 years old Graphic Designer from Serbia. I have been working as a freelance contractor for couple of years now and am currently managing my own design & multimedia agency called Tagax Design. Other than that I am working on several interesting projects, other than this blog, that I will be revealing in some of my future posts.


Being blessed with a creative mind myself I have developed a deep appreciation for awe-inspiring and timeless wonders produced by a human mind, and have a strong desire to experience as much of it as I possibly can. Art, music, design, photography or new technology, I just have to soak it in and share with my friends.

Not so long ago I decided I am going to share my thoughts on these topics with a wider audience and point out some amazing things newly created that deserve more attention. I created “Whizual” blog so that every whiz of a visual world today could get his or hers rightful place in my small hall of fame. I will try to keep my posts frequent and regular, so that all of you awesome people will have plenty of new stuff to feast your eyes on.


Other than myself I will be having some friends writing couple of posts from time to time about their favorite topics as well hosting some interesting, creative people that will be presenting their work and sharing their thoughts, life stories and so much more.


Your involvement in the blog?

I would love for you to check my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and get involved with your comments and messages. I appreciate any feedback on my work and would love for you to share with me some cool and creative things that I might missed to write about. You can also check some of my work here.




Love you all,


Igor Stanković

Igor Stanković

Hi, my name is Igor. I am a freelance designer and founder of Vector Alchemist and Whizual blog. Being passionate about art and aesthetics, and interested in variety of different topics I thought that I should share some of my insights and hopefully inspire some people in their creative thinking.

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