Baccarat rules that a player needs to know

Baccarat rules to know

Baccarat is a card game of chance, originating in France, although some historians dispute this fact. The origin of the game is appropriated by several countries – Spain, Italy, but the most “running” version attributes the birth of baccarat in lucky casino online.

The ancestor of the game is Felix Falguere, who lived in the Middle Ages in Sicily. Baccarat rules from that moment remained unchanged, unless played with ordinary cards, but with Tarot cards. Rules of baccarat allow you to use all the features the player.

How to play baccarat: basic rules

The simplest goal that can only be invented is in baccarat. It is necessary to guess which of the two will win: the player or the dealer. A bet is made either on a draw or on the victory of one of the players. The will of the event determines the winner, so no special considerations are expected for the bet. Even a teenager can easily play the game. Mini baccarat rules must be known to all players who prefer this card game.

Baccarat rules

The highest combination in baccarat, which is called “natural”, is obtained from the sum of the advantages of two cards, equal to nine. A similar name, but just below the “rank”, is a combination of two cards, equal to eight. Each card has its own dignity: cards from 2 to 9 are equal in value to their face value, an ace brings one point, other cards give nothing to the player.

If the amount of cards turned out to be more than nine, then ten must be deducted from it. In other words: there are never over nine on hand, the possibility of busting is excluded. Baccarat game rules will need to be studied if you plan to play this card game. The game table is divided into sectors, in each of them you can place bets separately. There are three types of bets in total in baccarat:

  • For dealer victory – the win is paid in the proportion of 19 to 20 (or 1: 1, but with a commission deduction of 5%).
  • To win a player – a win is paid 1: 1.
  • For a draw – when the opponents have the same amount of points – the winnings are paid 8 to 1 (although some casinos practice 9: 1 payouts).

The dealer buys cards for himself according to strict rules, which are determined by the third player’s purchased card:

  1. If the dealer has 6 (or more) points, the third card is not bought if the player has not taken it.
  2. If the player does not have 8 points, the dealer will buy the 3rd card if he has only 3 points.
  3. Mandatory third card when the dealer has 2 or less points.
  4. The card is not bought if the dealer has cards with a total value of 7 points.
  5. If the dealer has cards with a value of 5 points, then the third is taken if the player has not received a card with a value of 4, 5, 6, 7 points.
  6. A card is taken if the player does not receive a card with a value of 0 to 1 or 8 to 9, and the dealer has only 4 points.

Baccarat rule allow you to increase the possible chances of winning.

baccarat rules

How to win a player using strategy

In this game, there is an element of the benefits of a gambling house. In other words, you will also win and lose, but if the length of time the game is too long, then you won’t be able to stay in the win.

After all, everything is decided by chance, and none of the players has any influence on the course of the game. Many tried to count cards, draw up their methods for winning in baccarat, which allows increasing the chances of winning.

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